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A healthy and balanced nervous system is paramount for optimal health and wellness. Your nervous system controls and regulates every function in your body. In order to have a healthy nervous system you need a properly functioning spine. By making precise, specific adjustments to your spine, we as chiropractors, help ensure that it is moving and functioning properly.


Interruptions in proper functioning of your nervous system (subluxations) come from one of three “T’s”.

1. Thoughts

    Thoughts include your mental, emotional and spiritual health.


2. Tramas

    Tramas include your physical health.

3. Toxins

    Toxins include your environmental health.



Consultations are always complimentary. We would love to talk to you about your overall health and how chiropractic can help you reach your health goals naturally.


The initial visit will consist of intake forms, a health history with the doctor, as well as an exam. This is all done before any treatment is rendered.


At each appointment there will be an update on your health history along with a chiropractic evaluation to identify any subluxations.

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